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Road Warriors

A collection of photographs started with a simple question, "Can we please stop the car?" The New Mexico landscape had me in its trance. Enchanted by the vast terrain and the even larger sky, I was in love.  This compilation is a small representation of the work that has been featured at the Runnels Gallery, New Mexico.

Natural Form

I find peace in nature. The swaying of the trees in the wind to the waves that crash upon the shores become my meditation. In this time of clarity, I focus on my surroundings and appreciate the design of the world around me. The Natural Form is a series of still life photography that emphasizes the leaves' form and design elements I find in my moments of meditation.

Through The Bean Lens

A continuous documentation of my travels, favorite things, and new adventures. 


Take a hike. Center yourself. A continuous essay that documents my section hikes of the Appalachian Trail.

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